A) TR 00 43 S – Roller blinds


Indoor roller blind without box designed for small dimensions (max 1600 x 2400 mm). Shaped galvanized steel side brackets (with optional white or gray plastic cover). Standard manually chain-operated or optional spring mechanism / 230V 50Hz motor with mechanical limit stops. Motor can be controlled individually, in groups or can be connected to a BMS system (not included in the supply). Extruded aluminum roller Ø43 mm with spline mounting channel. The fabric (Fire retardant fabric approved C1 – M1 – B1) is made of fiberglass or polyester in different widths and weights. According to the fabric widths and the intended use of the blind, welding and stiffeners may be applied. Extruded aluminum hembar Ø16 x 2 mm including a ballast and PVC caps at each end depending on the fabric color.